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Whether you are looking to extend the Lashes or just enhance the look of them, we have something to suit everyone, using Lash Perfect, RefectoCil and Hive.

Classic - To enhance your look by placing individual lashes onto the natural lash using medical grade adhesive. This light, comfortable and natural looking extensions are available in a range of curls, lengths and thicknesses ideal for creating the look you want. Lasts up to 6 - 8 weeks with 2 weekly infilling required for more permanency.

Russian Layer - This technique involves the application of several fine synthetic lashes in a fan shape to the natural lash creating a fuller more voluminous look. Lasts up to 6 - 8 weeks with 2/3 weekly infilling required for more permanency.

Tahitian Feather - This technique involves placing fine individual lashes in various positions along the shaft of the natural lash to create a fuller natural look. Lasts up to 6 - 8 weeks with 2/3 weekly infilling required for more permanency.

Eyelash Lifting - This is a natural lash enhancement that will give the appearance of thick, long lashes without the application of extensions. The lift effect enhances the natural thickness giving a more defined look and the tinting will make the lift even more visible. Again in a choice of curl, ideal for those with straight lashes or looking for a more natural curl. Lasts up to 6-8 weeks.

Eyelash Tinting - Application of a dye to the lashes to give the same effect as mascara without the daily application.

Henna Eyebrows - Using a range of 7 shades to create the perfectly matched colour for defined brows that last.

Weekend or Strip lashes - Application of either cluster eyelashes or a full strip of lashes to the base of the natural lashes. Will last for 24 hours.

The Brows

Complete the eyes with a well defined Eyebrows


Waxing, Tweezing and Shaping

BBD Brows

Laminated Brows


Classic £50

Russian Layer £65

Tahitian Feathering £65

Eyelash Lifting £40

Eyelash Tinting £15

Weekend Lashes £20

Strip Lashes £20


Eyebrow Tint £10

Eyebrow Wax/Tweeze £10

Beauty By Design Brows £20

Henna Brows £30

Brow Lamination £30